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Almond's Automotive at City Line Marathon
3936 W. Newberry Rd
Gainesville, FL 32607
29.653676 -82.383924
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    Ikiah & James12/18/2014
Nice courteous staff. Reasonable prices.
Prompt reliable service and very friendly
I am always happy with the work done at City Line and trust that whatever is being repaired is fixed without any further problems. I think that Harry Davis is the best mechanic in town and recommend him to anyone who asks.
The Team at Almond's is faithful, honest, hard-working and will do their best for you each time you bring your car in. Also, they will stand by their work! I commend them to you highly!
This shop is fast, friendly, quality and trustworthy. And that says a lot!! I do not know if it is the automotive industry overall, but, boy, is it getting uncomfortably expensive to get your vehicle worked on. Even for basic stuff. But overall, I take our 4 cars here (for years now) and I am very satisfied!!
I am disappointed that oil changes are only available on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Previously appointments were available all week and we're performed on time. What is the point of an appointment if it's going to be 1-1.5 hours late? I have always been pleased with the service provided by your company but if it's going to be so hard to get an appointment and the appointment will be so late I don't know if I can continue to utilize your services.
1 star - only because there's no 0 star. 10/2017 a reputable shop (not Almond's Automotive) replaces leaking expansion tank (part $80) in 2003 vehicle. Notes on shop's receipt states, "Expansion tank appears to be original expansion tank and un replaced. We found some residue of radiator stopleak in the cooling system." Problem? Same vehicle was at Almond's Automotive 12/2016. At that time Almond's (supposedly) replaced expansion tank, charging $145/part + $80/ labor. According to Almond's, replacement expansion tank warranted for 1 year. Evidence suggests that 1.) Almond's did NOT replace expansion tank and instead 2.) used stopleak to remedy loss of coolant. Almond's was confronted. A refund of $225 was requested: $145 for the expansion tank (whether it was not actually replaced OR was within 1 year of warranty) and $80 for labor (because evidence suggests that Almond's didn't actually replace the expansion tank and instead used stopleak). Almond's provided NO reimbursement. None of our vehicles will ever be at Almond?s again. And I will be sure to discourage anyone/everyone from doing business with Almond?s.
I was hoping and planning on moving all our auto repair business to Almond's. I arranged for an appointment with two days notice. When I appeared for the appointment, I was challenged that I had no appointment by the same person I made it with. This misunderstanding could have been easily handled, but I found the treatment to be aggressively negative. I nearly walked out, but proceeded to have the requested pre-trip check done. Since then, I pondered whether this might have been just a glitch on the radar and decided that I would no longer consider Almond's as our go-to auto repair shop. Instead, I took my car to the Toyota dealer for an oil change, pre-trip inspection (again), and repair of a water leak in the trunk. Frankly, as we were preparing to shift from our long-used shop (now so popular they are way back logged), I lost confidence in Almond's. To happily walk in to begin a long-term relationship with a new shop and being treated that way, made me decide my decision to use Almond's was too uncomfortable. I know the shop has a good reputation. Sadly, my experience was shocking and disappointing
I had nothing but good experiences with Almond's when I had my Camry, but this last time I brought my CR-V in I was extremely disappointed. I was preparing to drive my car back to Pennsylvania for the summer, so I requested that the mechanics give my car a thorough check to ensure I wouldn't run into any problems during my long drive (on top of the maintenance I specifically came in for). When I picked my car up from the shop a few days later, I asked if the mechanic had checked over my car for my trip. The man at the counter said, "Well I wrote it on the work order, so I'm sure they did." I wasn't completely comfortable with this answer, but the shop already had my car for 2-3 days, and being that I hadn't had a bad experience with Almond's before and I needed to get on the road, I didn't want to be pushy. Less than an hour into my trip, my exhaust pipe cracked and my muffler fell off my car. I also thought I smelled an oil leak, and my car was riding a little funny. Once I returned to PA, I had my mechanic check the car over. They found that the oil pressure sender had to be replaced, and there was a loose ball joint in the front. Needless to say, I was very upset that Almond's hadn't caught these things before my trip. Not trying to be extreme, but I just spent $200 in your shop and I didn't feel entirely safe in my own vehicle because the mechanics obviously did not look over my car like I asked. I assume the same mechanics are still at Almond's, and that they worked on both my Camry (when I had it) and now my CR-V, so I don't think the fault lies with them. Rather, I think the man at the front desk (who I had not seen before) failed to relay this work request to the mechanics. I try not to be rude to people, but if I ever bring my car back to your shop, I refuse to let him handle any part of the transaction.
Shop Comment
I'm very sorry to read that you had this experience. I will most definitely get to the bottom of this. We have always tried to do our absolute best to make sure everything is done to the highest standard and that has not changed. Mike Davis
Didnt fix the REAL problem. You replaced the positive battery cable and replaced the battery but the entire positive cable had been corroded. The car worked for less than a day and it left me stranded at midnight outside of Newberry.
Shop Comment
I contacted Mr. Wilkins and I believe we have resolved the problem. I hope that we can continue a customer relationship with him for a long time to come. Here at Almond's Automotive we strive to make everyone happy and make sure your car is safe and running well. If you ever have a problem, Please call Mike Davis or Juan Alvarez, and we will resolve the problem the best that we can.
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