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Almond's Automotive at City Line Marathon
3936 W. Newberry Rd
Gainesville, FL 32607
29.653676 -82.383924
4.84/5.00 average rating
183 reviews
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  Chris 03/01/2012
I have been very happy with all of the work we've had done at City Line over the years, including this time around. Harry is especially personable. I love that I can ask about a certain type of maintenance and can expect honest answers, often a recommendation not to do certain work I was considering. I have been to many places where it seems they were always trying to sell me on something. My wife and I have older vehicles (late '90s) and will definitely continue to bring our cars to City Line.
  Douglas & Elizabeth 02/16/2012
Great service
  Ellen 02/06/2012
Always honest, good service. I highly recommend Almond's Automotive.
  Ruth 12/15/2011
I appreciatedyou checking over my car and your opinion of what needed done and you did it in a timely manner. Thank you Ruth Johns
  Jackie 11/24/2011
You always provide great service and I know that you are honest...that is so important in the car repair/maintenance field! Once my father came in for a brake job (he is elderly and drives very little). We called to find out when it was ready and you told us you didn't do anything, no charge because the brakes were fine. Another service would have done the brake job just because they were asked to. We keep coming because we know we can trust you. THank you...happy thanksgiving!
  Kris 11/24/2011
Honest, reliable, and cost effective service. No complaints.
  Ellen 11/09/2011
Always reliable, always honest, and always looking to get the best prices for their customers. I trust the people at Almond's Automotive with my car and with my daughter's car.
  William 05/28/2020
After $2700 my vehicle makes a load noise. Like some insulation is missing. My starter is loud and my trucks idle is louder. I?m busy with work but I?d like to get that looked at.
  Amer 04/02/2020
  Taylor 12/07/2017
We felt the services rendered were good quality and good value for the price we paid, and this matters a lot. We were disappointed in the customer service, however. We were never updated on what was happening with the car, and it was there 6 days (over Thanksgiving, so not 6 working days). We were told that we had been called, but neither of us received a call, and no voicemail was left (it is professional to always leave a voicemail). When we would call for an update, the person answering would not have any answers, and would promise a call back later, which would never happen. Also, when my husband picked up the car, he was not greeted. He had to waive someone down, who rang up the bill, and handed him the keys, but didn't tell him where the car was, talk about the repairs, or even make small talk. He asked where the car was, and the guy said, "somewhere over there" and waved in a general direction. It just didn't feel warm and friendly. It made my husband question the quality of the work performed simply because of these interactions. We "non mechanic" people have to absolutely trust our mechanic, and trust is fostered through customer relations and hospitality. If you can improve this area, you will be the perfect local, neighborhood mechanic!! I am giving 4 stars hoping this was just a fluke; we will try Almond's again and and hope that our next visit will be a 5 star experience.
Shop Comment
Thank you for the excellent feedback.
  Jeff 05/04/2017
  Jackie 05/19/2016
I would have given a 5 but I had asked to have the wiper replaced on the drivers side last time I came in for a oil change and instead the passenger's side was change. That wiper was still good, driver's side was bad. So I had to come back and pay again for another wiper blade. You all were very quick and courteous. I appreciate the service I get with you but things are different since the station has been all spiffed up....it seems you all are more apt to suggest services that you would have just mentioned before (perhaps even saying that we could wait on it). Seems more like a regular service station now and less like a group of very honest car repair folks that we totally trust. I hear that from other people too....just letting you know in case you wish to change that perception.
  Ken 02/07/2015
My only criticism is that the reservation I made on-line wasn't communicated when I arrived. Fortunately, my car was seen right away so there was no delay.
  Ikiah & James 12/18/2014
Nice courteous staff. Reasonable prices.
  Ken 05/08/2014
Prompt reliable service and very friendly
  Pam 04/25/2013
I am always happy with the work done at City Line and trust that whatever is being repaired is fixed without any further problems. I think that Harry Davis is the best mechanic in town and recommend him to anyone who asks.
  Andy 09/11/2012
The Team at Almond's is faithful, honest, hard-working and will do their best for you each time you bring your car in. Also, they will stand by their work! I commend them to you highly!
  Andy 03/08/2012
This shop is fast, friendly, quality and trustworthy. And that says a lot!! I do not know if it is the automotive industry overall, but, boy, is it getting uncomfortably expensive to get your vehicle worked on. Even for basic stuff. But overall, I take our 4 cars here (for years now) and I am very satisfied!!
  Deanna 08/16/2018
I am disappointed that oil changes are only available on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Previously appointments were available all week and we're performed on time. What is the point of an appointment if it's going to be 1-1.5 hours late? I have always been pleased with the service provided by your company but if it's going to be so hard to get an appointment and the appointment will be so late I don't know if I can continue to utilize your services.
  Richard 10/18/2017
1 star - only because there's no 0 star. 10/2017 a reputable shop (not Almond's Automotive) replaces leaking expansion tank (part $80) in 2003 vehicle. Notes on shop's receipt states, "Expansion tank appears to be original expansion tank and un replaced. We found some residue of radiator stopleak in the cooling system." Problem? Same vehicle was at Almond's Automotive 12/2016. At that time Almond's (supposedly) replaced expansion tank, charging $145/part + $80/ labor. According to Almond's, replacement expansion tank warranted for 1 year. Evidence suggests that 1.) Almond's did NOT replace expansion tank and instead 2.) used stopleak to remedy loss of coolant. Almond's was confronted. A refund of $225 was requested: $145 for the expansion tank (whether it was not actually replaced OR was within 1 year of warranty) and $80 for labor (because evidence suggests that Almond's didn't actually replace the expansion tank and instead used stopleak). Almond's provided NO reimbursement. None of our vehicles will ever be at Almond?s again. And I will be sure to discourage anyone/everyone from doing business with Almond?s.
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